About Us

About Us

Sao Jose De Areal is a Village in the Taluka of Salcete, District-South Goa, and located South-East of Margao. Village Panchayat came into existence in the year 1963 and named after the Patron Saint Joseph and every year the feast is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of October every year, originally this Panchayat started functioning from Padribhat, now shifted to Multipurpose Community Center near St. Joseph Church and is represented by 11 ward members. This Village is having Industrial Estate Phase I & Phase II, and also other Industries like Goa Carbon Ltd, Stone Crusher Unit etc. are operating from outside the Industrial Estate.

Sao Jose de Areal was a barren, dry sandy, uninhabited place, that gave the village its name “Areal”. The village had very few wells and most ran dry in summer, causing hardship to its inhabitants. Most of the land belongs to the Communidade of Curtorim. The village has several Social Forests. The community was pre-dominantly Catholic and mostly by the ST/OBC. The village had a chapel which was affiliated to the Church of Curtorim and on September 26th 1826 elevated to a Church. The West of India Portuguese Railway Company (WIPR) railway line was passing through this village as early as February 22nd 1882. This railway line was later joined to the Western Maratha Railway in January 1888. The line was merged with Southern Railway now called South-Western railway. This railway line has partitioned the people of Ralloi and Galli with families on either sides of the line making it difficult for them to mingle freely.

Sao Jose de Areal is located at 15.2533’ N 74.0136’ E and is 9 km away from Margao city and 43 km from Panjim city. The village has hills to its east which are rich in basalt and Social Forests. The village is breezy, warm by day and cool by night.

The total population in Sao Jose De Areal village is 10229 as per the census of 2011, carried by the government. There are 2470 households in this village. The ratio of male to female is 5213 males (51%) and 5016 females (49%). Children below 6 years of age are 1274 of which 661 are males and 613 are female.

Total literates in the village are 7672 which is about 75% in the total population of which males are 4111 and females are 3561. There are 2557 illiterates in this village, which is around 25% of the total populations.

Sao Jose de Areal Sports Club. This club was founded on 15/8/1963 (Independence day) by sports loving members of our society. Sao Jose De Areal Sports club has the distinction of having played in the 1st Division in 1973, 1974, 1975, 1983 and 1985. The club has produced International and National Footballers and a National Referee. It has also produced Goa state Awardees namely Mr Bento Endro(player) and Mr Milagres Tereza(referee).

The Club has a Grass Root Development Centre, which was inaugurated by Ms Swati Salgaokar, Vice President of Salgaokar Sports Club.

Aganwadis / Schools

The village has Seven schools and Anghanwadies

  1. Govt. School (Escola Primaria) was established during the Portuguese era in the year 1955, adjacent to the church of St. Joseph.
  2. Primary Schools are located at Padribhat, Oilemoll and Mugalli.
  3. Bethany Convent High School was started on the 24th June 1986 in two rooms provided by St. Joseph’s Church. The efforts of Late Rev. Fr. Antonio Silva Fernandes brought the school into existence. Later more land was alloted to the school to erect a building of their own.
  4. Kings School established in 1984 in Margao was shifted to Mugalli in 2005. It is now a Higher Secondary School.
  5. St Joseph’s School, Nispabhat. This School was established in 1996 as a English Primary School.


  1. Farming: The occupation of the inhabitants was mainly farming. The people harvested one crop a year and are also engaged in horticulture. This trend was in decline mainly due to high labour costs. With the availability of of modern farming machinery such as tractors/hand tillers, harvestors and threshers this decline has been reversed. Now it will be possible to harvest a second crop because of the water that will be provided by the Selaulim Irrigation Project-D2/D3 Canal.
  2. Dairy farming: Some villagers are engaged in dairy farming.
  3. Traditional: Manufacture of earthen bricks for construction, earthenware by spinning wheel, Blacksmith’s and Carpentry has been our occupation.

The village has one Industrial Estate and a major factory Goa Carbon Ltd set around 1970 which employs many local villagers. Besides there are other units employing locals and others. The village is also home to stone( basalt) crushers. A railway station was provided by the S.C railway to enable works, employees and then to community. The village has one Church named after St Joseph, two Chapels, a Cross at Naitemb and several other crosses. The village has one Jain Temple in Mugalli.

Ward Members

Sr.No. Name of the Ward/Ward No. Name of the Ward Member AddressMobile No.
1 Matemorod, Ornigalli Ward No.IAaron GomesH.No. 365, Matemorod, Sao Jose de Areal, Salcete-Goa.8411055274
2 Menezesbhat Ward No.II Alcantro Mascarenhas H.No.550, Menezesbhat, Sao Jose de Areal, Salcete-Goa. 9637871465
3 Molla,Galli, Ralloi Ward No. IIIMarcelino GaldinoH.No. 638, Molla, Sao Jose de Areal, Salcete-Goa. 9689972907
4 Nessai, Nessai Om Sai Developers, Igorjewaddo. Ward No.IVJoycee Veyona Dias
H.No. 713, Nessai, Sao Jose de Areal, Salcete-Goa. 9764064964
5 Mugalli (Near Ramnagri Junction) Mugalli, D.N. Gardens Homes Mazarelo Ward No. V Darshan(Visu) Honnappa Naik H.No. 26/5-7, Ramnagri, Mugalli, Sao Jose de Areal, Salcete-Goa. 7798277955
6 Oilemoll Ward No.VI Piedade Cardozo H.No. 140, Camarbhat, St.Jose de Areal, Salcete-Goa. 8805449612
7 Camarbhat, Bhatti, Naikabhat.Ward No.VIIValente Fernandes
H.No. 140, Camarbhat, Sao Jose de Areal, Salcete-Goa. 9527462929
8 Padribhat Ward No.VIIIGabriel Oliveira H.No. 204, Padribhat, Sao Jose de Areal, Salcete-Goa. 9823594768
9 Lispabhat, Pulamol, Ondeafodop Ward No. IX Georgina Tereza H.No. 344/4, Lispabhat,Sao Jose de Areal,Salcete-Goa. 8390213470
10 Comba, Benabhat.Ward No.X Carmina Fernandes H.No. 282(1), Comba, Sao Jose de Areal, Salcete-Goa. 9637236452
11 Mugalli (Near Govt. Pri. School & Near Marble Factory) Ward No. XI Linda fernandes H.No. 775, Mugalli, Sao Jose de Areal, Salcete-Goa. 9158968381